Friday, December 5, 2008

Science Fiction: Star Trek: Vulcan

Three Vulcan locations found and examined inside Second Life.

P'Jem Monastery
Location Information: "The Vulcan monastery, P'Jem, on a planet near Andoria. Destroyed in 2125, the monastery has been re-created by Tsora Enoch, Chief Engineer of the Star Trek Museum, on the Vulcan sim, Eridani."

Vulcan P'Jem Monastery 002

Vulcan P'Jem Monastery 001

T'Karath Sanctuary

Location information and slurl: "The T'Karath Sanctuary is a historic site located in Vulcan's Forge on planet Vulcan, approximately 37 kellicams south of Mount Seleya. Recreated by Tsora Enoch, for the Star Trek Museum."

T'Karath Sanctuary 011

T'Karath Sanctuary 007

T'Karath Sanctuary 001

Vulcan Town of Kzan-Ne
Location information and slurl: "The Vulcan outpost at Kzan-Ne is on the edge of the Xir'Tan island south of the plains of Gol. A key location for the Vulcan people, it houses the recreated Sanctuary of P'Jem as well as the home of the Vulcan High Command."

Vulcan Town of Kzan-Ne 001

Science Fiction: Star Trek: Klingon

Two Klingon sims explored. One a smallish city, the other the surface of a planet over two sims (private islands).

House of JilQuan
Location information: "Klingon empire, homeworld, Ship and defense station sim's. Star Trek sim of The Nimoy group. Includes Great hall, Bar, Landing building, science block Orion Dance are next door and much more."

Klingon Empire of Rowan (sim) 002

Klingon Empire of Rowan (sim) 004

Klingon Empire of Rowan (sim) 007

Klingon Empire of Nedra

Multi-sim location. Didn't see anyone there. Neat build, though.

Klingon Empire of Nedra 018

Klingon Empire of Nedra 020

Klingon Empire of Nedra 019

Science Fiction: Star Trek: Federation Sims

Unfortunately, Shipyard was under construction when I arrived, so I do not know anything about it. Does have some good skins, though (Vulcan, Klingon, Human, Romulan, etc.).

You arrive at a space-station, the shipyard, hovering near a moon.
Star Trek Roleplaying Sim Shipyard 003

Look for: "Shipyard" in search.

United Federation Starfleet:
The United Federation Starfleet sim was an interesting build - towers to rent a room in, the main Star Fleet tower, and areas to shop. I saw some people standing around, a few, but little in the way of role-play.

When you arrive, you "beam" into the main tower:
United Federation Starfleet Roleplaying Sim 003

United Federation Starfleet Roleplaying Sim 002

Look for: "United Federation Starfleet" in search.

Science Fiction: Star Wars: New Yavin IV

There are many Star Wars role-play sims in SL, I've only looked at one so far.

You arrive on a spacestation/mall:
Star Wars New Yavin IV 007

Escape the station, fall to the ground:
Star Wars New Yavin IV 015

Star Wars New Yavin IV 018

Nice enough build but I couldn't really get into the place and left rather quickly.

Look for "New Yavin IV" in search.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Plasma City

Of Interest:
Visit a space station orbiting Earth:
Plasma City 156

Ride a space roller coaster: 1: Minning Expedition Tour:
Plasma City 089

Ride a space roller coaster: 2: Abandoned Mine: Quarantined
Plasma City 071

Visit a Mining complex: Plasmaco Mines:
Plasma City 179

Visit IT:
Plasma City 214

Visit Colony Docks:
Plasma City 059

Have some food:
Plasma City 006

Visit a floating space city:
Plasma City 011

Project Description:
"Welcome to the Plasmaco Mining Colony. We are part of the Plasma City project sponsored by Rezzable. Here on "The Rock" we have established a community of miners, fugitives, and space scum also known as "The Plasma Space Crew." Our team includes:

Cube Republic - Structures, scenery
Glyph Graves - Structures, sculpties, sound
Judi Newall - PR, publicity
Kitsune Kyomoon - Project coordinator
Lorin Tone - Sound guru, structures, scenery
Madcow Cosmos - Structures, scenery, av's
Miki Gymnast - Scripting, structures, scenery
Photon Pink - Sculptie guru, scenery
Seifert Surface - Structures, space consultant

Thank you for visiting!"