Friday, December 5, 2008

Science Fiction: Star Trek: Federation Sims

Unfortunately, Shipyard was under construction when I arrived, so I do not know anything about it. Does have some good skins, though (Vulcan, Klingon, Human, Romulan, etc.).

You arrive at a space-station, the shipyard, hovering near a moon.
Star Trek Roleplaying Sim Shipyard 003

Look for: "Shipyard" in search.

United Federation Starfleet:
The United Federation Starfleet sim was an interesting build - towers to rent a room in, the main Star Fleet tower, and areas to shop. I saw some people standing around, a few, but little in the way of role-play.

When you arrive, you "beam" into the main tower:
United Federation Starfleet Roleplaying Sim 003

United Federation Starfleet Roleplaying Sim 002

Look for: "United Federation Starfleet" in search.

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