Thursday, November 27, 2008

Plasma City

Of Interest:
Visit a space station orbiting Earth:
Plasma City 156

Ride a space roller coaster: 1: Minning Expedition Tour:
Plasma City 089

Ride a space roller coaster: 2: Abandoned Mine: Quarantined
Plasma City 071

Visit a Mining complex: Plasmaco Mines:
Plasma City 179

Visit IT:
Plasma City 214

Visit Colony Docks:
Plasma City 059

Have some food:
Plasma City 006

Visit a floating space city:
Plasma City 011

Project Description:
"Welcome to the Plasmaco Mining Colony. We are part of the Plasma City project sponsored by Rezzable. Here on "The Rock" we have established a community of miners, fugitives, and space scum also known as "The Plasma Space Crew." Our team includes:

Cube Republic - Structures, scenery
Glyph Graves - Structures, sculpties, sound
Judi Newall - PR, publicity
Kitsune Kyomoon - Project coordinator
Lorin Tone - Sound guru, structures, scenery
Madcow Cosmos - Structures, scenery, av's
Miki Gymnast - Scripting, structures, scenery
Photon Pink - Sculptie guru, scenery
Seifert Surface - Structures, space consultant

Thank you for visiting!"

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